Lace Choker

So I am working on my outfit for A Steampunk Affair! I already have my top together, which is a black corset and an off-the shoulder white top. My first item of business (because it was easy enough to do in less than fifteen minutes) was my black lace choker. I love the way that chokers look with off the shoulder items and simply put, lace is very Victorian indeed.


You will need:

1 straight hook and eye

Enough lace to go around your neck (Mine is black but you can do any color)

Lace Choker 1


Hand sew your straight eye on to the outside of the lace where you want it to close, there should be some lace past the eye so as to overlap.


Then, hand sew your hook on the inside edge of the opposite side of the lace.



And voila! Pretty lace choker in no time.

Lace Choker 2


Tomorrow will start my posts on the white bustle skirt I am sewing!


Chocolate Brownie Cookies

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As it is Valentine’s day I thought these sweet cookies would be a great post. (You can find the recipe on Smitten Kitchen)

To the Carnival

Into madness, slowly sinking

The light fades from that bright sky

Wondering, wandering, blinking

I am not who you are seeking

You tell me only lies, and I

Into madness, slowly sinking

Bring you down, linking

Us to the carnival cry,

Wondering, wandering, blinking

Into the hall of the king

We stumble upon him on high

Into madness, slowly sinking

The chain of hell lies clinking

Jangling, calling you to die

Wondering, wandering, blinking

And the ringmaster comes creeping.

Oh! My friends, no I will not cry out

To madness, slowly sinking

Wondering, wandering, blinking

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