Slow Roasted Strawberries

Do you have one flavor that is simply yours? Is it irresistible and savory sweet? That’s what strawberries are to me, I would eat them everyday if could. I would eat them with every meal, every snack, and drink them the rest of the time. So today when I ventured out to the market after a short day at work and saw them on sale,  I could not, would not, resist.

When I was younger, as in elementary school, my mother was tucking me in one night and when I asked for a strawberry before bed there was one condition. I had to stay up for one full hour in my room, in my bed, still, with the lights off, now I know you are all thinking that she just wanted me to go to sleep, well you are right, but…to no avail, about one hour after she leaves to go spend time with my father after her long day at the hospital, I creep out of bed and knock at the door. I made it. That single strawberry was the best strawberry of my childhood, not because it was sweeter, juicier or anything like that, but the anticipation of the sweet, succulent single red fruit off of the palette my father had bought had made it so. That is what this recipe does, the anticipation makes this simple recipe so rewarding.

Slow-Roasted Strawberries


1 lb. of strawberries, hulled

4 tbsp of sugar

2 tbsp rice wine vinegar

salt and pepper if you like

Hulled Strawberries

Preheat oven to 250° F. Toss hulled strawberries with vinegar, sugar, salt and pepper. Place strawberries in an 8×8 square baking pan.

Tossed Strawberries Strawberries in Pan

Roast strawberries for 3 1/2 hours. Periodically check to make sure they are not burning as all ovens are different.

Enjoy by themselves, over ice cream, in strawberry shortcake, or if you would like to enjoy them later, store in a simple syrup.

Slow Roasted Strawberries


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