The Movie Theater

A man and his daughter approach the ticket booth of a movie theater. As their turn at the window approaches, the girl shuffles her feet and stares into the distance.

“How many”

“One adult and one child for Beauty Reaver”

“I don’t want to see this,” the girl pipes in.

“There is nothing else showing right now.”

The young girl sighs and accepts the choice.

“Come on, hurry, inside, we cannot miss the previews,” urges the father.

She continues to shuffle her feet and reluctantly hands the ticket over to the slightly older boy at the door. He stares, and she quickly takes the ticket back and moves towards the snack bar.

“No, why do you want any of that anyway?”

“I’m thirsty”

“Stop whining, you won’t need a drink during the movie”

“It’s my money,” she stutters as she takes in the scene of brightly colored candy boxes, warm soft pretzels, and quenching soda pop.

“Save it.” He moves towards theater number 4, right hand side, the dark red cloth paneling on the walls breaks up the movie posters and the lights are dimmer.

She follows, “I still don’t want to see this movie, I won’t be able to sleep tonight”

“You’ll be fine, you have seen films that were more frightening.”

“No, I haven’t, not by choice”

“It’s good for you”. He finds a seat, perfectly centered in the theater and settles in.

The girl attempts to sit one row up and several seats down, out of sight and out of reach.

“What are doing? I thought you said it was too scary, you better sit by me.”

She involuntarily sits to his left, “I don’t like movies with this much violence.”

“It’s what makes the film so good, plus the suspense, you never know what’s going to happen.”

“I’m still thirsty”

“We’ll get something after the movie, I promise”

She shifts uneasily as the gore in the movie increases, “I am going to be sick”

“What, you can’t handle this? You wanted to see it, you practically begged me,” the girl gets up to go to the bathroom, “Sit down, you are going to watch this entire film,”

She lowers herself back down, as if she was made of glass, trying not to get sick in the theater.

“I hate this movie, you never know when the creature is going to show itself, Mom would never make me watch it.”

“Don’t bring her into this, she works too hard for your whining.”

“I am going to tell her you took me to see this.”

“No you’re not, even if you do, why would she believe you over me.”

“I will show her the ticket stub,” she says holding it up.”

“She will think you went with your friends, without her permission.”

Defeated, the girl is silent for a while.

“Why do we always have to see horror films,” she asks timidly.

“You ask for them, you provoke me into taking you.”

“How do I do that? I never ask for things like that”

“Of course you do, now hush I want to read the credits”

The girl stares sullenly at the blue and black credits scrolling on the yellow background. The lights start to fade back on.

“Time to go. Remember I love you honey”


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